Build Immediate Value With Small Business Cloud Servers

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Small Business Cloud servers can do it all from Cloud9 better faster cheaper saferHow can small business cloud servers add immediate
real value to a small business
 or professional practice?

Small Business Cloud Servers technology has ushered in new possibilities to enhance small business IT processes by leveraging cloud computing technology at a rapid pace.   From unleashing untapped IT resources with cloud based servers, to allowing staff members to use their personally selected BYOD smart devices for work, to reducing IT costs operating and maintenance costs, operating from the cloud allows businesses to remain focused on core business objectives.

small business cloud servers webinarsThere are a myriad of ways in which small business cloud servers can accelerate small business value.  A qualified cloud service provider can assist your small business to implement best practices for your specific needs, your customers, and your overall operational model.

small business cloud servers from cloud9 real time are award winningHow To Lower IT Costs With
Small Business Cloud Servers

Small Business Cloud Servers allow small companies to rapidly scale and explore technologies that are needed when they are needed, while foregoing the total cost of owning and maintaining such technologies.  

In the past, businesses would plan for IT infrastructure investment based primarily on peak operational cycles (perhaps parts of your IT model continues this approach).  Peak loads are met but resulted in a large mount of excess server capacity in the non-peak times.

Small business cloud server computing offers the benefit of allocating computer resource only as it is needed.  This “as needed” model largely reduces IT investment and maintenance outlays.  The resultant reduced cost frees up capital and other resources for more important forward-thinking IT plans or for other divisions of your business. Thus the capital saved and reallocation of resources result in an almost instant increase in small business value.

Small Business Cloud servers from Cloud9 give small companies a competitive advantageTailored IT Services and Faster Resource Allocation

Precision IT provisioning allows small businesses to purchase cloud based server services in relatively small allotments and on an “as-needed” basis.  Now start-ups and savvy smaller businesses can enjoy access to top-flight IT services and solutions that were previously beyond reach financially or strictly available to larger companies.  The flexibility of adding employees or commissioning new IT resources without need of additional hardware purchase or installation enhances your business bottom line and increases your business value.

Simplification of IT Services

Cloud computing untethers the user from the core IT infrastructure.  There is no continuing need to worry about back-ups, upgrades, patches, etc., as these activities are provided by the cloud based server provider.  Small businesses move up to a superior level of IT functionality and resource that would not otherwise be possible. This simplification of IT resources can benefit all business users of cloud based servers  by increasing the mobility of the workforce.  Employees are able to work in a boundary-less environ with a greater variety of devices and rapidly add real value to the business.

More Business & Tech Consistency

Cloud computing provides a solid foundation for standardized small business IT infrastructure and associated applications and processes. When a small business moves some or most of its IT functions to the cloud it does not just move current non-standard applications and processes. Instead it must embrace industry standard applications and processes today that will in turn drive business improvements tomorrow.

All of these benefits taken as a whole ultimately lets small businesses focus on their core business competencies. This is how cloud computing creates business value.  And it can happen in the next 30 days in your company or practice.

Let Cloud9 show your small business or practice how. Cloud9 won more cloud provider industry awards in 2012 than all others in its class combined.  Let us also show you why.


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