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Cloud Migration Assistance – No Pain, All Gain

While cloud technologies offer many valuable business related benefits,  – full-scale cloud transition is not as easy as it may seem at first glance Taking your first cloud migration steps can be a challenging proposition, especially for cloud newbies. Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to cloud technology; more precisely cloud migration assistance. See also:…

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Cloud Computing Anxiety: Overcoming Your Fears of a New Paradigm

Pavlov and Cloud Computing Anxiety: How Might We Ever Reconcile Our New Paradigm Fears & Phobias? It is intriguing to ponder why some wrestle with cloud computing anxiety and the new paradigm of cloud-based data management. It often seems more secure to have our most important files and software applications in close physical proximity to our station where we…

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Sleeter Group Cloud9 Review – A One Year Assessment

In recent years Sleeter Group’s Doug Sleeter has written often about how small business owners who are “addicted” to desktop version software should get their mission-critical desktop software hosted in the cloud. “At The Sleeter Group, we moved our whole back office (QuickBooks and all of our add-ons) to Cloud9 Real Time in January 2013. It was…

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Cloud Computing Technology Infographic: SMB State of Data Backup Storage & Disaster Readiness

Instead of a soft cumulus white cloud image, the cloud computing business should use a hurricane – that’s the best way to visualize how rapidly cloud computing technology is expanding today. See also: Cloud Computing Disaster Readiness – Be Prepared! Cloud Computing Technology Statistics To hear Jack Woods at Silicon Angle, there’s some sobering growth forecasted and…

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QuickBooks Cloud Backup, Best Practices!

[Editor’s note: Best practices advice from a real pro:  All Cloud customers using QuickBooks should avoid the risk of a problematic bloated TLG file by running an occasional manual backup and verification. Los Altos CPA and accounting technologist Victoria Cameron provides a good tutorial just added to Cloud9’s support Knowledge Base.  Sure we spoil you…

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Who Uses the Cloud? You Do, So Simplify!

Are you still wondering – who’s using the cloud? You’ve been hearing the hype about the cloud for a while. Perhaps you’ve even been thinking about making the leap to hosting your applications in the cloud. In many cases, you’re using the cloud and may not even realize it. After all, your email is hosted online,…

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Cloud Accounting: Pros w/ Few Cons

Many small company owners & managers know the benefits of maintaining the business books; they also know just how time intensive it can be! Proper bookkeeping is solely for the benefit of operating a company; it is a must for business owners to keep up to date with their P&L and revenue targets.* From CPA…

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Cloud Services for Law Firms Gaining Popularity

Cloud Services for Law Firms is gaining traction among attorneys for several good reasons. Advocates and early adapters of Cloud Services for Law Firms maintain that its chief  advantages include economy, simplicity and accessibility. Get the white paper: Cloud9 Legal Cloud Report See also: Interest in Paperless Law Firm Capabilities Picking Up Cloud Services for Law Firms now include legal practice…

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Build Immediate Value With Small Business Cloud Servers

How can small business cloud servers add immediate real value to a small business or professional practice? Small Business Cloud Servers technology has ushered in new possibilities to enhance small business IT processes by leveraging cloud computing technology at a rapid pace.   From unleashing untapped IT resources with cloud based servers, to allowing staff members to use their personally selected…

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The 10 Key Things To Look For in Cloud Service Providers

Good Cloud Service Providers : Ten Attributes  Small business cloud computing is growing rapidly with increasing number of new players.  If you are just beginning to look for cloud service providers, here are the top considerations you should hold firmly in mind. See also: Just How Secure Is Your Cloud? 1. Top Technical Expertise Cloud service…

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