Cloud Computing Anxiety: Overcoming Your Fears of a New Paradigm

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Cloud Computing Anxiety is prevalent today

Pavlov and Cloud Computing Anxiety: How Might We
Ever Reconcile Our New Paradigm Fears & Phobias?

It is intriguing to ponder why some wrestle with cloud computing anxiety and the new paradigm of cloud-based data management. It often seems more secure to have our most important files and software applications in close physical proximity to our station where we can be comfortable that the server where it all resides is nearby. Similar to ‘Pavlov’s dogs’ we are pre-conditioned towards the familiar as the safer option.  For instance when we believe we must own the applications and the location where they reside “because its safer and more convenient that way.”

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cloud summit explains paperless office steps“After all we own our home, our vehicles, and our money. And yet even that is not the truth in its entirety,” writes Don Cleveland at the industry newsletter CloudTweaks.  “For most of us, however, the mortgage holder can be considered at least a part owner who requires us to have insurance and make payments.  And if all of us decided to visit our money at the bank on the same day we would be disappointed yet we rest assured that the government has guaranteed it, and the banks are taking care of it.”

The important issue, when confronting our cloud computing anxiety, is that we use far more outsourcing than we are “conditioned” to believe. In actuality each time we engage in online banking we are participating in one of many variations on cloud computing both technologically, and in the conditioned sense in that we no longer look at our money under the mattress. This is a “cloud” thang, for sure.

What Would Pavlov Say Would About Cloud Computing Anxiety?

Again from Done Cleveland:

“Based on the influential learning theories of Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov, its safe to assume he would tell us we have learned to trust an expensive form of ownership through classical conditioning. Pavlov conditioned dogs to salivate when they heard a bell much like we are conditioned to react guardedly when the cloud is suggested as a less expensive alternative than back room tech ownership. It is then that our, “owner reflex” kicks into gear and we feel insecure. Often this reaction is a reflection of a biased view toward ownership that produces the opposite paradigm than the ROI approach so necessary to a company’s success.”

What is the True Cost of Ownership and Security?

That house we own is an expensive proposition. Taxes, mortgage payments, maintenance, and other expenses arise that can make one doubt the value of this investment. Yet over the long haul home ownership has been a sound investment for most people. The history is far shorter in the tech industry. How many of us are working from a concrete financial analysis to assess cloud computing by the numbers?  Often our initial reactions are conditioned responses to cloud computing until something happens to wake us from our slumber

When Pavlov’s assistant inadvertently slammed a door loudly during the famous bell ringing experiments, what came to be known as a “novel stimulus,” momentarily interrupted the dogs’ conditioning and they demonstrated a reduced response. In this same manner many of us will open up to the new paradigm and disown our cloud computing anxiety once the novel stimulus of secure, seamless and effective services is experienced.

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