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Document Management and Storage

Green Cloud Computing, What Does IT Mean? – Help Plant A Billion Trees With Cloud9 In January!

‘Green cloud computing’ is a trending nomenclature reflective of huge potential environmental benefit(s) that IT services rendered via the Web can offer society. The expression conflates environ-friendly ‘green’ with ‘cloud.’ Special note: For every user added to your Cloud during the month of January, Cloud9 Real Time will make a donation to the “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative…

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Law Firm Cloud Servers? – 7 Reasons Why IT Makes Sense NOW!

Have you seen the movie documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? That’s what many think is next for the in-house server. Law firm cloud server technology has been on an uphill rise for the past 5 years and isn’t going anywhere. If your firm is not already in the cloud, it’s only a matter of time… See:…

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Document Management Software: Top 5 Benefits & Why DMS Should Be Your Next Decision

How should you effectively take care of your document files? This is a critical issue for many professional service providers Robust Document Management Software (or DMS) can bring order and structure into the cyber jungle of your business related data. Simply put, your business should be paperless, and your opportunities limitless. Here are five of the top reasons, why…

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New White Paper: Cloud Based Archiving Solutions

“Cloud based archiving provides both defense and savings” Click for white paper There are many of ways to rationalize the price of cloud based archiving solutions. Osterman Research recently produced a new white paper with three “before and after” examples that explore a variety of scenarios for archiving and how it helps to reduce corporate…

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Cloud Computing Agility: A Key Business Reward

New research shows a connection between cloud computing agility and big increased business competitive advantages … Click for full report The figures from a Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey sponsored by Verizon are quite impressive: 74% of survey participants reported a significant improvement of their business owing to cloud computing agility. In addition, they emphasized decreased response time, improved…

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IT Corner: Why Your Business Needs To Be On The Cloud NOW

Searching for your first cloud computing project? Chances are you’re considering a very small, very low-risk application to create on a cloud computing provider. “I get the logic,” writes  David Linthicum at his InfoWorld cloud computing blog,  “Its a low-value application.  If the thing tanks or your information is hacked, no harm, no foul. However,…

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Cloud Computing for Small Business Critical Data & Apps

Cloud Computing for Small Business Exceeds All Expectation Cloud watcher Joe Hewitson at IBM’s Midsize Insider writes, “meaningful data is what drives modern midsize businesses. The ability to analyze and quickly process large quantities of data enables midsize organizations to make smarter business decisions.” But how does a small or mid-sized business effectively manage and…

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Not Your Father's File Cabinet – – Digital Document Management & Storage Systems

The radical fundamental change for document management systems of many accounting firms & professional practices Intuit announced in Spring of this year the discontinuation of its Lacerte and ProSeries Document Management Systems, in lieu of SmartVault to fill that space. Technologist Randy Johnston of K2 wrote in his 2013 column that, “It is rare to see a document management…

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Cloud Based Storage: New Intuit Infographic Says It All

Where’s the safest place to store your crucial business files and data? Not on your local hardware, which can fail, or in physical file cabinets. Nowadays, to insure you’ll keep them secure forever, you move them to cloud based storage. Here’s a new infographic from Intuit® Tax Online that demonstrates why cloud based storage is safe,…

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