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“Cloud based archiving provides both defense and savings”

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There are many of ways to rationalize the price of cloud based archiving solutions. Osterman Research recently produced a new white paper with three “before and after” examples that explore a variety of scenarios for archiving and how it helps to reduce corporate costs.

Staff sometimes delete content that they will need at a future date, such as Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, emails – they have spent considerable time writing an email with a compelling communication to a prior customer, or a presentation, and poof!

Let’s assume a 16-person firm and each needs to recover just 1.5 documents per month. This results in a total of 300 documents that need to be recovered annually (16 employees x 1.5 documents per month x 12 months).  Assume that IT requires an average of only 20 minutes to recover each document from backup. Assuming that IT might even have the bandwidth to recover all of these documents, IT will spend a total of 65 hours annually (300 documents x 20 minutes per document) recovering this content. The total IT cost of document recovery, therefore, will be $5,000 ($50/hr).

cloud based archiving is very cost effectiveAssume that a cost-effective cloud based archiving solution has been configured to allow individual users to recover their own content. Assume that five minutes will be needed to recover a document and that the average staff salary is $60 per hour, then the total cost of staff recovering their own documents is $1,500 annually (300 documents x five minutes of recovery per document x $60 per hour). Annual savings compared to IT recovering the lost docs is $3,500. Factor in the cost of the archiving system (average of $1,000 per year) and the cost savings from end-user access to the archive is still a significant $2,500 annually.

From the Osterman Research Blog

“While many consider a cloud based archiving solution to be a primarily defensive tool – allowing organizations to support eDiscovery or regulatory compliance efforts, for example – it can also be a tool to enhance employee productivity and provide other benefits that can actually pay for the archiving solution in a relatively short period of time.”

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