Lacerte® Hosting

The Lacerte tax software hosting environment allows accountants the convenience and benefits of staying in touch with their staff and sharing files while working on them simultaneously without being limited by their geographic locations. The ability to access data and apps from anywhere provides remote access professionals a secure solution. Lacerte hosting improves productivity while saving on time and expense.

Lacerte hosting with Cloudnine Realtime


Eco-Tax, Inc.

Tax, Accounting & Financial Services

Eco-Tax Inc. values the reliability
of Lacerte Tax in the Cloudnine environment.

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Reliable Lacerte Hosting

Not all clouds are created equal. Other providers offer Lacerte, but few can offer a seamless, reliable experience. Enjoy all of the advantages of hosted Lacerte Tax with 99.99% uptime and reduced latency.

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Comprehensive and Collaborative

Lacerte Tax includes over 5,700 of the most complicated forms used by individuals and businesses. Built-in tax prep assistance is further enhanced through Cloudnine’s collaborative virtual environments.

Data Conversion and Daily Backups

Lacerte Tax helps move your valuable tax data from your current tax preparation software through an included data conversion process. Your data is further secured through our scheduled, rolling backups and dual data centers.

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