QuickBooks Hosting

Cloud Hosted QuickBooks® from Cloudnine Realtime provides fully functional desktop versions of QuickBooks® software in a highly secure, multi-user environment. Accountants, business owners, employees, and anyone who requires access can work in the same files at the same time.

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computer with quickbooks hosting
computer with sage hosting

Sage Hosting

Cloudnine offers hosting solutions for all desktop applications currently supported by Sage. Users can work simultaneously in files. Cloudnine Hosted Sage is a great solution if you require real-time access from multiple locations and the functionality of a full desktop.

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Exchange Hosting

With simple web access, Cloud Hosted Exchange service allows users to work collaboratively and sync email, calendars, contacts, and more across multiple devices including local desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

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computer with exchange hosting
computer with office 365 hosting

Office 365 Hosting

Cloudnine hosted Office 365 means a fully integrated, full-service remote desktop. Your data is not only organized according to your preferences but is also globally accessible. Easily pull reports, export files, and share calendars and contacts.

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Cloudnine empowers businesses, employees, and clients from every walk of life to scale their work in a controlled environment. We increase your potential and profits by providing innovative yet practical cloud technology solutions.

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