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Public vs. Private Virtual Servers: Why Private Clouds are Not Dead!

We’ve heard it said that private virtual servers are dead and public clouds are taking over. Yes, the usage of public cloud solutions are growing. The pay-as-you-go model and no contract options are very appealing to many companies. But does that really mean private cloud solutions are becoming obsolete?   Far from it. A recent…

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The Savvy Business Move All Your Peers Are Making and Why

It’s damn hard to keep up with technology these days. The average lifecycle for a single server is 2-3 years (if you are lucky), and each server sits on a rack with dozens of other servers that are also rapidly winding down and wearing out. When you consider the fact that replacing each server costs…

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Cloud Computing Efficiency: A New Infographic of Historical & Future Perspective

People tout cloud computing efficiency as the next big thing, but the idea is almost as old as the modern computer itself … Click for infographic Cloud computing efficiency isn’t a new concept in the IT world. Back in the 1960s the cloud “founding fathers” J.C.R. Licklider (contributed to the development of ARPANET) and John…

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Law Firm Cloud Servers? – 7 Reasons Why IT Makes Sense NOW!

Have you seen the movie documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? That’s what many think is next for the in-house server. Law firm cloud server technology has been on an uphill rise for the past 5 years and isn’t going anywhere. If your firm is not already in the cloud, it’s only a matter of time… See:…

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Webinar Thurs Dec 11: 7 Steps to Cloud Business Success

Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he runs down 7 steps for adopting the cloud for your business. Register for Webinar Thursday 12/11 @ 11AM-12PM PST – Cloud Checklist: 7 Steps Cloud Business Success Cloud Computing has great strides in the business world in recent years. Moving to the cloud offers many benefits for businesses, including reduced…

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QuickBooks Remote Access Alert: Webex Service to be Discontinued in January

Intuit Drops a Bombshell! – “After much consideration, we’ve made a very difficult decision to discontinue our QuickBooks Remote Access service. All subscriptions and support will end on January 31, 2015.” —— What you need to know now: After December 31, 2014, no new QuickBooks Remote Access subscriptions will be sold and existing subscribers may no…

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Webinar: Thurs 8/28 : Ditch That Old Office Server – – Empower Your Business with Private Cloud Servers

Cloud-hosted virtual private servers are challenging the innate limits of 20th century localized computers … while maintaining a familiar appearance and settings you’re comfortable with. Register for Webinar Thurs 8/28 @ 11AM-12PM PDT  – Empower Your Business with Private Cloud Servers! Keeping your business efficient, secure, and ahead of the competition is getting more complex every…

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Cloud Risk? | IDC White Paper Assessment: – Not Using Cloud Now Main Risk to Business Productivity

According to a new report (below) from a prominent market intelligence think tank, Not using Cloud is now the greatest cloud risk to business productivity “Cloud risk hype continues to mount,” reports David Bradshaw, a market researcher at International Data Corporation  (IDC), “But underneath the hype, enterprise IT really is evolving. There are essentially two categories…

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Survey: The Managed Cloud Providers Solution – Oddly, In-House Server Pros Know Little About ‘IT’

According to a new poll from Spiceworks, a lion share of IT professionals overlook managed cloud providers  Click for poll results The new survey indicates that the majority of in-house IT professionals still know little about this newer approach to managed hosted services like data storage. The survey indicated that nearly 80% of IT pros administer their infrastructure…

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