Cloud Computing Efficiency: A New Infographic of Historical & Future Perspective

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People tout cloud computing efficiency as the next big thing,
but the idea is almost as old as the modern computer itself …

cloud computing efficiency is what cloud9 real time does.

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Cloud computing efficiency isn’t a new concept in the IT world. Back in the 1960s the cloud “founding fathers” J.C.R. Licklider (contributed to the development of ARPANET) and John McCarthy (invented the term AI – Artificial Intelligence) examined the concepts of “global network and framing computation.”

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Basic cloud computing efficiency technologies have been in operational use for considerable time prior to the official term “cloud computing” being introduced in 1997 by the professor Ramnath Chellappa.

Companies are now adopting cloud services with amazing speed and enthusiasm, based on increasingly strong benefits, such as substantial cost reduction and ease of use for staff with no particular IT expertise.

But the #1 benefit companies cite is cloud computing efficiency.

Recent findings of the Carbon Disclosure Project strongly support this claim. The introduction of cloud computing service not only increases IT performance efficiency, but also significantly decreases energy consumption and carbon emissions. According to the group’s estimates, by 2020 US organizations  that move to the cloud will achieve substantial savings of nearly $13 billion. We’re talking the energy cost equivalent of over 200 million barrels of oil.

When it comes to the prediction of the cloud’s future we should mention to the following indicative statistical data. In 2012, the revenues obtained from cloud services reached $58.6 billion. Barely two years later the IT sector reached $2.6 trillion. The conclusion is quite simple; there’s more than enough room for the additional growth. Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to accept the Gartner’s estimate that cloud service revenues will have reached $152 billion in the past year.

One of the most important factors for the increasing demand for cloud services is the unprecedented growth of available data. According to Century Link, by 2015, we’re very likely to witness the four-fold increase of delivered and replicated data. Only cloud computing has the adequate capacities to ensure success and efficiency in this field.

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