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Cloud Computing Efficiency: A New Infographic of Historical & Future Perspective

People tout cloud computing efficiency as the next big thing, but the idea is almost as old as the modern computer itself … Click for infographic Cloud computing efficiency isn’t a new concept in the IT world. Back in the 1960s the cloud “founding fathers” J.C.R. Licklider (contributed to the development of ARPANET) and John…

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Cloud Computing Adoption Resistance New Infographic: Boarding The Cloud-Wagon

Cloud computing adoption, why are so many SMBs still waiting? Click to infographic There are so many benefits that you have to ask yourself, what am I waiting for? Cloud computing is knocking at your door, and here are some of the most important reasons for you to open it: Elimination of traditional business limitations Improving…

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Cloud Hosted CRM Systems Infographic: How and Why this is a Game Changer

Simply put, cloud hosted CRM is becoming a game-changer – – it’s easy to see why, as the infographic below demonstrates Many companies rightly identify their customer relationship management (CRM) system as an essential business tool. And in 2014, mobile friendly cloud hosted CRM systems are projected to increase in use over five-fold.  And because certain…

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Cloud Based Storage: New Intuit Infographic Says It All

Where’s the safest place to store your crucial business files and data? Not on your local hardware, which can fail, or in physical file cabinets. Nowadays, to insure you’ll keep them secure forever, you move them to cloud based storage. Here’s a new infographic from Intuit® Tax Online that demonstrates why cloud based storage is safe,…

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Small Business Managed Cloud Services: For Startups & Entrepreneurs The Future Is Now

Savvy entrepreneurs are increasingly adopting cloud computing technology, enjoying efficiencies that were previously available only to the largest of firms. See also: Cloud Summit 2014, Not Just For Accountants Anymore! New businesses must carefully manage their resources, which is why smart small business and startup managers and owners should be mindful of strategies and technologies…

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New Infographic: SMB Cloud Computing Benefits

Adopting new technologies can be a challenge for many SMBs  – this is where SMB cloud computing benefits can really shine Click for infographic Smart business owners and managers will ensure that their SMB cloud migration will be relatively easy to integrate into the workplace and that it is a value-added alternative to previous ways of…

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IDG Cloud Computing Research 2014 Infographic

IDG Enterprise’s year-end  Cloud Computing Research 2014 was consummated with the intent of measuring cloud computing trends among business and IT decision-makers including usage and plans across different cloud service platforms and deployment models, investments, business drivers and impact on business strategy and plans. Key cloud computing research findings include: A majority of companies are…

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Cloud Computing Technology Infographic: SMB State of Data Backup Storage & Disaster Readiness

Instead of a soft cumulus white cloud image, the cloud computing business should use a hurricane – that’s the best way to visualize how rapidly cloud computing technology is expanding today. See also: Cloud Computing Disaster Readiness – Be Prepared! Cloud Computing Technology Statistics To hear Jack Woods at Silicon Angle, there’s some sobering growth forecasted and…

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Infographic: BYOD For Small Business Now Essential

Beginning 2014, it has become clear that BYOD (‘bring your own device‘) for small business has become an essential strategy, just as with the midsize and larger companies.   – See also: Navigating The BYOD Revolution Increased/enhanced productivity is what we all desire in our small businesses; and productivity surges when workers are happy in their roles…

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