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Infographic: Evolution of Workplace Technologies

The all-embracing evolution of workplace technologies in the 21st century office space is a catalyst for more mobile, social, collaborative—and less predictable—patterns of work. Businesses large and small are recognizing that technology is now primary to work effectiveness. Evolution of Workplace Technologies Employees must be able to easily engage with their technology tools in order to…

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Small Biz Infographic: Many Different Uses of Cloud Computing

Click for infographic Small businesses have several and varied different uses for Cloud computing. It improves early-stage businesses’ chances for getting off the ground traction with significantly smaller upfront capital while utilizing higher-grade tech historically available only to bigger companies. Services like web hosting, hosted storage, and email Exchange hosting improve the financial picture and decrease the workload of SMBs, allowing…

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Small Business Infographic: "Business Got Tougher AND More Rewarding"

Click for full infographic Small business Infographic: Small Business never had it easy, and with  new business tools, clouds and marketing and engagement platforms and technologies entering the fray at a dizzying rate, it’s certainly not a mystery why nearly 60% of small business owners say it’s more difficult to manage and operate a small…

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Infographic: Goodbye to Office Toolus Extinctus

A new study, survey-ed more than 7,000 professionals worldwide … … and queried which tech and trends are likely not be seen by the year 2017. 1000s of business and practice managers agreed they could likely soon see such office tool staples  as the tape recorder, fax machine, and Rolodex at science exhibits alongside petrified…

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