Infographic: Evolution of Workplace Technologies

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evolution of workplace technologies

The all-embracing evolution of workplace technologies in the 21st century office space is a catalyst for more mobile, social, collaborative—and less predictable—patterns of work. Businesses large and small are recognizing that technology is now primary to work effectiveness.

Evolution of Workplace Technologies

Employees must be able to easily engage with their technology tools in order to collaborate, share information and adapt to changing work and business needs.

Increasingly we supplement our desire to connect and engage with others by using technology, starting with the fundamental need for online access. Collaboration more than ever entails the display and interaction with data and content utilizing a range of small handheld to large mounted screens. The fast changing evolution of workplace technologies, combined with a flowing business environ, requires employees to unpredictably adjust their work style on the fly—requiring adaptability of work space and technology.

Knoll, a leader in workplace furnishings that embrace the evolution of workplace technologies driving business today has created this marvelous infographic taking us through 100 years of workplace technologies.

100 years of workplace technologies

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