Small Business Infographic: "Business Got Tougher AND More Rewarding"

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small business infographic of 2013 small biz survey

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Small business Infographic: Small Business never had it easy, and with  new business tools, clouds and marketing and engagement platforms and technologies entering the fray at a dizzying rate, it’s certainly not a mystery why nearly 60% of small business owners say it’s more difficult to manage and operate a small business today than just five years ago.

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Small Business Infographic Then vs Now

But “more difficult” may not be a bad thing after all, considering that nearly 75% of small business operators also anticipate that their 2013 revenue will outperform last year’s revenue results, as the small business infographic reveals below…

The above insights derive from a new survey dataset from email marketing Cloud-SaaS  provider Constant Contact, brought to our attention by HubSpot. The Constant Contact survey polled nearly one million small business owners to relate how managing their small business today differs compared to just 60 months ago.

small business infographic for 2013 says busines more difficult and more rewrading


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