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Sales Tax Tips For Tax Managers

Reposted from Avalara.com Compliance isn’t for wimps. Just ask accountants and tax managers. After all, compliance isn’t just number crunching and spreadsheets. Following the sales tax rules of a jurisdiction involves far more than just finding the right tax rate. From product taxability to tax-exempt transactions to sales tax holidays compliance tasks can hamstring even…

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How Social Media Will Help Your Small Business Blossom

With all the technology available these days, ignoring social media services is a big mistake for any business owner. Social media has changed the way we communicate in all aspects whether it’s with friends, family or business professionals. It’s important to know how to use social media services to boost traffic to your website, create…

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7 Ways Construction in the Cloud Can Help Your Company

Average construction companies tend to be not up to date with the latest and greatest forms of technology. If this sounds familiar to your company, maybe it’s time to take a gander at construction in the Cloud. Previously, Cloud technology has been perceived as a service for the elite, those big corporations and large businesses…

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2014 Sage Small Business Accountants Index Released

Accounting software giant Sage has news for SMB owners:   –  Their small business accountants are way behind the times. Click for full report A new Sage survey of small business accountants in America found that only ten percent of respondents adequately leverage the cloud and online services for real-time client collaboration. In other words,…

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Cloud Computing Innovation: Six Key Aspects

Individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and schools and universities are off to the cloud. Cloud computing innovation is rapidly transforming the business workplace as increasing abundance of data is being generated and stored. Business software applications are being accessed via anywhere and everywhere and the way workers are accomplishing their job duties is changing. The cloud era is here to stay and…

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The Small Manufacturing Cloud: Going Global and Mobile

The Need for anywhere/anytime access to data and applications from any smart device is fomenting a trend by CPA firms — and their small manufacturing cloud clients — to move mission-critical software applications, like desktop-version QuickBooks, to the cloud. See also: Small Manufacturing Cloud Computing, it’s a Revolution! ………………. Cloud Hosted MISys Manufacturing …………………… Enterprise Manufacturing Hosting ………………………. Cloud Hosted…

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SMB Cloud Success Underscored by New Trends Study

A new study from Techaisle shows SMB cloud success is growing for small and medium size businesses, and it’s just the beginning as cloud computing adoption rates continue rising. SMB Cloud Success Underscored SMB cloud success is underscored by 80% of SMBs in North America now indicating that cloud computing adds to continued business growth,…

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Cloud Computing Migration (part-2): -When Is It Really Time To Make The Leap?

SMBs face critical IT challenges today. Not only must they deploy and operate their business software applications with agility, their IT infrastructures must scale to support growth while preserving quality of service – and always in a cost-effective fashion. See also: Sleeter Group Cloud9 Migration – One Year later Cloud computing migration, a magic bullet? Migration…

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Cloud Hosted CRM Systems Infographic: How and Why this is a Game Changer

Simply put, cloud hosted CRM is becoming a game-changer – – it’s easy to see why, as the infographic below demonstrates Many companies rightly identify their customer relationship management (CRM) system as an essential business tool. And in 2014, mobile friendly cloud hosted CRM systems are projected to increase in use over five-fold.  And because certain…

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