The Small Manufacturing Cloud: Going Global and Mobile

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small manufacturing Cloud in blueThe Need for anywhere/anytime access to data and applications from any smart device is fomenting a trend by CPA firms — and their small manufacturing cloud clients — to move mission-critical software applications, like desktop-version QuickBooks, to the cloud.

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Small manufacturer owners and managers are rapidly recognizing that cloud and mobile technologies provide easy, cost-effective access to applications that streamline small manufacturing cloud computing is a revolutionoperations and enable them to manage projects fast and efficiently. After employing new manufacturing software on the cloud, small manufacturers  instantly obtain a better understanding of how their facilities function, how to estimate resources for new projects and how to better manage resources. The end result is increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, lowered operational cost and, resultantly, increased profits.

You needn’t be a rocket scientist to know that the only way to ensure top mobility of your workforce is through the immediate and reliable access to all available mobile devices.

The small manufacturing cloud is a la carte

The great thing about an small manufacturing cloud is that you pay only for what you need and use. The local IT model required payment for a specific IT configuration during a strictly determined period of time regardless of your actual business requirements. In this way, the small manufacturing cloud gives you only what your business really needs.

With a virtual private server-based small manufacturing cloud, all parties of your business process have the immediate remote access to the necessary apps. This means that the CPAs, bookkeepers and small manufacturers communicate and exchange business data in the real time. On the other hand, having in mind all benefits of the small manufacturing cloud, we aren’t questioning the system itself, but rather ask a different type of question: “which small manufacturing cloud environment fits us best?”

Small manufacturing cloud security

When it comes to the security concerns, we have to mention that your remote workforce will get the adequate access passwords. You can rest assured that a qualified cloud service provider (like Cloud9 Real Time) take the utmost care of ensuring that “unwanted guests” aren’t knocking on your cloud business doors.

With small manufacturing clouds, mobile workers can access applications like Sage and Intuit applications from anywhere, when and where that suits them the most. In terms of functionality there’s no difference between mobile and desktop platform features because it IS desktop, cloud-hosted.

Beyond the seamless operational benefits of QuickBooks hosting on the small manufacturing cloud and its remote worker advantages, with the use of cloud technologies you can forget about installation or configuration troubles. The cloud provider will take care of it for you. We don’t have to tell you how this influences your costs saving policy, do we? The unprecedented adjustability of the system strongly improves your competitive capacity regardless of your business size.

As your CPA might say, it all adds up: private server hosting, as the foundation of a small manufacturing cloud, is definitely a must have for the CPAs and SMB manufacturers, who are really serious about taking the full advantage of their mobile workforce.

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