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Making the Most of Free Technical Support with Cloud9 Quickbooks

Small businesses and specialized companies need to spend their time focusing on what they do best. This is why it is important to have technology that is up-to-date, reliable, and cost-effective. However, managing all of this yourself can be a confusing waste of time and money — something that business owners definitely don’t want to…

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Save Money by Managing Your Payroll with Cloud9 Quickbooks® Hosting

The costs of having a dedicated IT team for your business are rising every day. Maintaining your own dedicated servers, upgrades due to company growth, and paying for the expertise to accomplish these tasks will take a big bite out of the budget. Outsourcing essential accounting tasks to a trusted professional team can also cost…

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Public, Private, Hybrid. Which Cloud Is Best For QuickBooks Hosting?

Public, Hybrid, Private. Which One To Choose When It Comes To QuickBooks Hosting One way to think about how the Cloud works, is to view the Cloud like the internet. Basically, the Cloud is a virtual place that will secure your data and information. There are three different types of Clouds. There is a private Cloud,…

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A Look Inside QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop  The progression of QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks Desktop have been growing at a rapid pace before our very eyes in the technology world, in fact, QuickBooks Online is actually updated weekly. With changes constantly occurring, it’s important to be familiar with the latest and greatest versions of both QuickBooks Online vs. QuickBooks…

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Cloud Accounting Software Hosting – 5 Good Reasons to Make the Switch in 2015

Pondering the most efficient and affordable thing you might do to benefit your business in 2015? Cloud accounting software hosting is number one … The strikingly positive ratio of invested resources versus gained benefits beyond your most optimistic expectations with cloud accounting software should assuage any latent hesitation you may have in this matter. On the other hand,…

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Cloud Accounting Technology Advantages New Infographic: The Evolution of Accounting

Modern accounting is evolving quickly, directly correlated to the increased demands that accounting firms are now responding to … Click for infographic Today, practice clients not only desire more and better but they are also open to trying new modalities of working – using Skype, virtual CFOs, daily reports and rolling forecasts, for instance. Concurrently,…

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QuickBooks Remote Access Alert: Webex Service to be Discontinued in January

Intuit Drops a Bombshell! – “After much consideration, we’ve made a very difficult decision to discontinue our QuickBooks Remote Access service. All subscriptions and support will end on January 31, 2015.” —— What you need to know now: After December 31, 2014, no new QuickBooks Remote Access subscriptions will be sold and existing subscribers may no…

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The Small Manufacturing Cloud: Going Global and Mobile

The Need for anywhere/anytime access to data and applications from any smart device is fomenting a trend by CPA firms — and their small manufacturing cloud clients — to move mission-critical software applications, like desktop-version QuickBooks, to the cloud. See also: Small Manufacturing Cloud Computing, it’s a Revolution! ………………. Cloud Hosted MISys Manufacturing …………………… Enterprise Manufacturing Hosting ………………………. Cloud Hosted…

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