Webinar Thurs 11/20: Cloud Checklist: – 5 Steps to Effective Enterprise Cloud Solutions

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enterprise cloud solutions - 5 important steps towards migration

Join Cloud9 President/CEO Robert J. Chandler on the essential steps of migrating to cloud and best practices associated with enterprise cloud solutions implementation.

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Cloud Checklist: 5 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Solutions 

For the first time ever, enterprise cloud services have made it possible for SMBs to run enterprise-level cloud solutions cost effectively.  Your SMB can grow at its natural pace without having the cost of technology slow it down.  You will know how much you’re paying every month, no costly downtime, maintenance, or IT consultants to worry about.

Unlike their large enterprise counterparts, it seems that SMBs are continually tightening their belts and struggling to make ends meet—and not just at quarterly budget assessments, either.

Unsurprisingly, Cloud9 Real Time enterprise cloud solutions are a logical SMB choice because cloud is a cheaper, quicker way for acquiring IT capabilities that SMBs could scarcely afford on their own.

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Cloud Checklist: 5 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Solutions 

The cloud heralds an opportunity to transmute your company’s IT assignments and your business, but many business owners and managers still have concerns regarding security and availability of mission  critical applications in enterprise cloud solutions.

Will the requisite computing resources be ready and available when you need them? Will your applications and data remain sufficiently protected? Can you leverage your existing resources while taking advantage of the new cloud environment?

  • Key Benefits of Cloud Hosting:
  • Ease of management
  • Recoverability
  • Reliability and Availability


Enterprise Cloud Computing offers many benefits to an SMB, including superior speed and performance for IT resources, more efficient utilization of IT resources, lower IT infrastructure costs, lower IT operational costs and increased capacity to handle peaks in demand for IT resources.


With Enterprise Cloud Solutions, the bottlenecks that typically occur with the configuration, expansion and replacement of traditional on premise IT systems and components can be eliminated, since the IT infrastructure can be expanded or contracted on demand. Cloud computing eliminates the typical challenges presented by localized power grid interruptions, physical data loss due to catastrophic events and malicious on site attacks to the IT infrastructure within an organization.

These factors and more will be covered; we look forward to your attendance!

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Cloud Checklist: 5 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Solutions 

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