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Cloud Computing Efficiency: A New Infographic of Historical & Future Perspective

People tout cloud computing efficiency as the next big thing, but the idea is almost as old as the modern computer itself … Click for infographic Cloud computing efficiency isn’t a new concept in the IT world. Back in the 1960s the cloud “founding fathers” J.C.R. Licklider (contributed to the development of ARPANET) and John…

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Cloud Computing Adoption Resistance New Infographic: Boarding The Cloud-Wagon

Cloud computing adoption, why are so many SMBs still waiting? Click to infographic There are so many benefits that you have to ask yourself, what am I waiting for? Cloud computing is knocking at your door, and here are some of the most important reasons for you to open it: Elimination of traditional business limitations Improving…

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Cloud Migration Assistance – No Pain, All Gain

While cloud technologies offer many valuable business related benefits,  – full-scale cloud transition is not as easy as it may seem at first glance Taking your first cloud migration steps can be a challenging proposition, especially for cloud newbies. Everyone needs a helping hand when it comes to cloud technology; more precisely cloud migration assistance. See also:…

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Moving To Cloud Computing – – What You Need To Know And Do

The Cloud World Forum, held earlier this year, was nothing short of exciting. Here’s one of the most common questions we heard from SMBs while there: What sort of a learning curve is involved when moving to cloud computing? Not every company requires High Performance Computing, but every company can benefit from the cloud without exaggeration. Moving…

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Webinar Thurs Dec 11: 7 Steps to Cloud Business Success

Join Robert J. Chandler, President/CEO of Cloud9 Real Time as he runs down 7 steps for adopting the cloud for your business. Register for Webinar Thursday 12/11 @ 11AM-12PM PST – Cloud Checklist: 7 Steps Cloud Business Success Cloud Computing has great strides in the business world in recent years. Moving to the cloud offers many benefits for businesses, including reduced…

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Webinar Thurs 11/20: Cloud Checklist: – 5 Steps to Effective Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Join Cloud9 President/CEO Robert J. Chandler on the essential steps of migrating to cloud and best practices associated with enterprise cloud solutions implementation.  Register for Webinar Thursday 11/20 @ 12-1 PM PDT – Cloud Checklist: 5 Steps to an Enterprise Cloud Solutions  For the first time ever, enterprise cloud services have made it possible for SMBs to run enterprise-level cloud solutions cost…

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Cloud Computing Migration (part-2): -When Is It Really Time To Make The Leap?

SMBs face critical IT challenges today. Not only must they deploy and operate their business software applications with agility, their IT infrastructures must scale to support growth while preserving quality of service – and always in a cost-effective fashion. See also: Sleeter Group Cloud9 Migration – One Year later Cloud computing migration, a magic bullet? Migration…

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Cloud Migration or Pizza, the Devil’s Always in the Details

Four years ago SMBs really started becoming enamored with the breakthroughs that cloud migration promised. First mover SMBs had accepted the marketing message (and hype)—and began transferring over email, data, and entire office server functions to realize the obvious advantages. Fast-forward 24 months and you could hear rumblings of a different sort, about some cloud providers—primarily because…

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Small Business Cloud Migration (part 1): – You Should Really Look Before You Leap

Emerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to help small businesses prosper are appearing at an unprecedented rate Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that there were 30 million (approx) small businesses in North America. Clearly, SMBs are the foundation of our economy, and we’ve seen emerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to help them…

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