Moving To Cloud Computing – – What You Need To Know And Do

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The Cloud World Forum, held earlier this year, was nothing short of exciting.
Here’s one of the most common questions we heard from SMBs while there:

What sort of a learning curve is involved when moving to cloud computing?

Not every company requires High Performance Computing, but every company can benefit from the cloud without exaggeration. Moving to Cloud computing makes it easy for SMB owners to take advantage of the latest technologies without spending a fortune on expensive computer hardware, software and IT specialization.

Top 6 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Computing

  • Email Communication – With cloud computing you can access your emails from virtually any place and anytime. In addition, with cloud corporate email service becomes a more reliable one.
  • Reduced Need For Local Storage – Once your business finishes moving to cloud computing, you can access your data from any device you use. Forget about local storage.

  • Related B2C Resources – What about safety concerns? Each access point to the online storage space will be secured with a unique username and password.
  • Collaboration Made Easy – Cloud computing is all about efficiency and quick data sharing. Just leave it there in your online storage space. All of your colleagues or employees can access necessary data instantly regardless where they are or which device they use.
  • The Virtual Office – Virtual Office Cloud Computing allows for your office to be wherever you are. Current technology trends work so that you can conduct business from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Increasing Processing Power. Decreasing Operation Costs. – The great thing about cloud is that you can limit your costs substantially, while being able to process almost unlimited amount of data, at the same time.

moving to cloud computing is smooth with Cloud9 Real Time Cloud9 makes moving to cloud computing easy. We garnered more industry awards in 2012-14 than all other SMB cloud service providers combined, including the Sleeter Awesome App, the K2 Quality Technology Award, the CPA Practice Advisor’s 2012 and 2013 Reader’s Choice Award, and the 2012-13 UP Award as one of the Best Cloud Hosting companies, to name a few.

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