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cpa technologyPull together an array of cloud accounting and CPA technology authorities in a room, and there’ll be much differing of opinion about the speed of change among accounting practices and its implications.

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That’s basically what Bob Scott of Progressive Accountant did in a recent special update about the cloud and CPA technology, in which he interviewed a cross-section of thought-leaders in the profession, including AICPA president, Erik Asgeirsson.

 CPA Technology Consensus

There is one area of CPA technology consensus, Bob found: “There is no doubt that Internet-based software is fundamentally changing organizations and how they conduct business.”

At Cloud9 Real Time, we concur. We believe that cloud computing and related emergent CPA technology make client accounting services a tremendous growth opportunity for practices.

Rick Armstrong, for example, is using our accounting partner virtual server solution to offer QuickBooks and other application hosting, outsourced management and virtual-CFO solutions: 

“New CPA technology and cloud computing has helped Count On Us change its services from offering write-up to providing more sophisticated outsourced tech solutions and controllership services.”

The end target for accounting firms is to up their game and deliver a greater-value consulting role to clients, like outsourced CFO and controller services, office and accounting tech integration. Bob Scott raises a key issue on this: “Do CPAs have the right temperament to engage more collaboratively with clients?”

Asgeirsson says there’s no question that they do, but there’s significant foundation-work to be accomplished to ensure that the “trusted business advisor” synergy works.

New CPA Technology, The First Step

“The first step is making sure the advisory skills are where they need to be,” he told the publication. ”Do I have the right pricing strategy? You need to think about the staffing of your firm and how you go about processing your workflow.”

As Cloud9 president Robert J. Chandler often says, CPA technology is only part of a cloud accounting practice – and it’s the easiest part. Accounting firms that wish to take advantage of new CPA technology and cloud tools and develop optimal collaboration with clients must evaluate their key strengths and expertise, review all business processes and generate a comprehensive game plan.

If you need some advice on how to do that, at Cloud9 Real Time we’ve got the resources to help you take the next step forward.

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