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CPA Technology Change – Not Just Another Cloud App

Pull together an array of cloud accounting and CPA technology authorities in a room, and there’ll be much differing of opinion about the speed of change among accounting practices and its implications. Click for presentation That’s basically what Bob Scott of Progressive Accountant did in a recent special update about the cloud and CPA technology,…

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White Paper: Firms Harnessing the Power of Cloud Accounting

Newly published cloud accounting white paper … … from the AICPA and derived from recent research conducted by Silicon Valley tech consultant, author and managing director of consulting firm TCG Advisors, Geoffrey Moore, describes the impact that cloud accounting is having on client accounting services for companies of all sizes.* *Sources: SourceMedia and BusinessWire See also:…

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Tax Preparation Software Survey Highlights

2012 AICPA tax preparation software survey highlights “Cloud Computing a growing trend” Over 6,000 certified public accountants assessed the tax prep applications they used to prepare year 2011 tax returns, indicating what they did and did not appreciate about their tax software in a recent survey by the AICPA. This year, the tax software survey…

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Cloud Accounting and Accounting Clouds are Here to Stay

The AICPA recently published a guidebook for implementing an accounting cloud web-driven practice, covering everything from hardware and Web bandwidth to scanning and transferring software to cloud accounting.   And at Cloud9 CEO Robert Chandler wrote “THE Book” on CPA practice cloud accounting and the private accounting cloud for professional practice and small businesses in general –…

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