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State Tax Nexus, What Is It? – Everything About Nexus That You Were Afraid To Ask!

[Editor’s note: Suddenly nexus issues and strategies are paramount in business operators’ and advisors’ minds, though a thorough understanding lags. SALT and tax-nexus authority Sylvia Dion begins a primer in this 1st of 2 parts] Nexus! It’s a term you may or may not be familiar with.  And, no, I’m not talking about that tablet sized mobile…

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The Importance of Accounting Practice Strategic Planning

Click for guide With another tax season well behind us, practices I have communicated with are set to move forward with the rest of 2014 and on to the next Season. The greatest issue we have seen with many of these firms is that they are coming out of the tax season without a set plan of attack for the next twelve months. When I inquire of…

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White Paper: How Cloud Based ERP Drives Efficiency

Click for ERP Report Prior to the Cloud, enterprise resource planning  (ERP) was a promise that was never delivered on to all but the biggest companies. The advantages oft trumpeted by ERP consultants and application makers, including the mapping and connecting of all staff, projects, finances and locations in the business, were mostly out of reach…

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Cloud Risk? | IDC White Paper Assessment: – Not Using Cloud Now Main Risk to Business Productivity

According to a new report (below) from a prominent market intelligence think tank, Not using Cloud is now the greatest cloud risk to business productivity “Cloud risk hype continues to mount,” reports David Bradshaw, a market researcher at International Data Corporation  (IDC), “But underneath the hype, enterprise IT really is evolving. There are essentially two categories…

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New Accounting Technology Report – What Do SMBs Really Want From Their CPAs?

A new accounting technology report, What SMBs Want (from Their CPA), was compiled by The Sleeter Group in its ongoing endeavor to provide guidance in technology leadership for financial practices and SMBs in general. “Small business owners are challenged with continually changing competition and are seeking ways to get ahead and stay ahead, and they expect…

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Infographic: State of Internet Report

Each quarter tech giant Akamai publishes a “State of Internet” report. The report includes data gathered about attack traffic, broadband adoption, mobile connectivity and other relevant topics concerning the state of internet and its usage, as well as trends seen in this data over time. Highlights from Akamai’s Q2 – – 2013 State of Internet Report: Global…

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Construction Cloud Computing is Throttling Up

Click for full PDF Is your construction business ready to embrace small construction cloud computing?  If your company is still collaborating with Excel spreadsheets it is time to consider moving your construction business to cloud computing. Many or most smaller construction organizations are still using pell-mell processes and tools to manage their remote workforce, for…

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Small Biz Infographic: Many Different Uses of Cloud Computing

Click for infographic Small businesses have several and varied different uses for Cloud computing. It improves early-stage businesses’ chances for getting off the ground traction with significantly smaller upfront capital while utilizing higher-grade tech historically available only to bigger companies. Services like web hosting, hosted storage, and email Exchange hosting improve the financial picture and decrease the workload of SMBs, allowing…

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Small Business Infographic: "Business Got Tougher AND More Rewarding"

Click for full infographic Small business Infographic: Small Business never had it easy, and with  new business tools, clouds and marketing and engagement platforms and technologies entering the fray at a dizzying rate, it’s certainly not a mystery why nearly 60% of small business owners say it’s more difficult to manage and operate a small…

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