New Accounting Technology Report – What Do SMBs Really Want From Their CPAs?

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New Accounting Technology Report What Do SMBs Want

A new accounting technology report, What SMBs Want (from Their CPA), was compiled by The Sleeter Group in its ongoing endeavor to provide guidance in technology leadership for financial practices and SMBs in general.

“Small business owners are challenged with continually changing competition and are seeking ways to get ahead and stay ahead, and they expect their accounting professional to help them meet rise to the challenge.” – What SMBs Want (free download)

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Sleeter Group isolated the key trends occurring in what SMBs seek from their outsource accounting professionals. Often, there’s a chasm between what businesses seek from their accountant and what they believe their CPA actually provides, particularly in the area of business and accounting technology advice.

The questions for Sleeter’s new accounting technology report research were focused on grasping how professional practices presently work with their clients versus how SMBs wish to work with their accountant. It covers the varieties of services provided by accounting firms and the types of services SMBs actually desire.

There’s also an exploration of SMB perceptions and expectations on what services professional practices CAN provide compared to the services accountants are WILLING to provide.

The data for the accounting technology report’s quantitative research was collected through an online survey in January 2014. Over 1,000 accounting participants were screened for qualification, with a final sample of about 200 accounting respondents used for analysis. The findings in this report reveal the overall responses and further expand on results to show responses based on current or future engagement of a CPA. The results paint a picture of significant opportunities for forwardthinking accounting firms that invest in technology skills and build client services to leverage these skills.

Key Findings of Sleeter’s Accounting Technology Report  Include … 

  • Demographics
  • What Technologies SMBs Use Today
  • How SMBs Select an Accountant
  • Switching CPAs
  • Accounting Services
  • Communication
  • Specialization and Strategic Advice
  • Technology Adoption

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