The Savvy Business Move All Your Peers Are Making and Why

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It’s damn hard to keep up with technology these days. The average lifecycle for a single server is 2-3 years (if you are lucky), and each server sits on a rack with dozens of other servers that are also rapidly winding down and wearing out.

When you consider the fact that replacing each server costs a couple hundred dollars at the minimum, and each rack of servers boasts an average of eight or more servers, and the average mid-size business has a minimum of three or more server racks…well, you get the idea.


You also probably have a full-time IT person. You’re paying his salary, chipping in for health insurance, the 401k and — wait.

What happens if this guy takes vacation? Who’s taking care of the servers? Your virtual security? Your network issues? Now, you’re either paying for a second IT person, or you’re hiring a fill-in.

Or you’re white-knuckling it until your IT guy is back from Bermuda, hoping your system doesn’t fall apart around your ears.

And, in the meantime, you get to wonder why you spend so much money on unreliable systems that are always breaking and that won’t scale to grow with your business. What on earth is it that everyone else is doing to solve these problems?

You Are Not Alone

You are most definitely not alone. You have quite likely talked to other accounting firms or agencies at a peer group, tradeshow, or other gathering. You’ve heard everyone complaining of the same issues with their servers. But here is the thing…

You should also be hearing about the way that those self-same peers are solving their problems. Nine times out of ten, you’ll hear that they’ve moved ‘into the Cloud’. They’ve tossed the servers and have turned the server room into a break room where they can sip coffee and discuss the recent changes in the stock market.

One thing is clear – they’ve chosen a solution that is reliable, scalable, and secure.

Reliable, Scalable, and Secure

The primary reasons that you will hear your peers and your clients talking about the Cloud comes down to three major things:

  1. Reliability
  2. Scalability
  3. Security

These are the three things you really, really, need to have your accounting firm function well.

You need a system that you can depend on, without glitches, hitches, or unreliable networks. Your applications need to run smoothly for your team members and your clients  — all the time.

You also need to be scalable. You need to be able to rapidly add clients without worrying you’ve overloaded your servers. Scalability gives your accounting company the agility you need to grow rapidly and safely.

And finally, you need security. This is especially vital for your business, as you well know. As an accountant, you handle extremely sensitive financial information constantly. A secure system protects you, protects your clients, and protects your team from viruses, hackers, and data loss.

All of these things are best achieved through a system called virtual private hosting. This is the savvy business move that all of your peers, and even your clients, are making that is taking their business to the next level of reliability, scalability, and security.

Keeping in Step With Other Accounting Firms

Virtual private hosting is so easy to use. We often hear our clients say something like, “My server might be in the Cloud, but I want to feel like it’s right in the next room.”

That’s exactly what virtual private hosting in the Cloud offers.

The virtual private hosting system is designed to be a stable environment that looks exactly the same as your current desktop environment. We are able to host all of the most popular applications, Thomas Rueters, Intacct, and many more. We can even host customized solutions.

You won’t need to worry about learning new systems or software. This stable environment is simple to navigate, and quick to respond. And, in the event that questions do arise, our helpline is always open.

Ready to make a savvy business move of your own? Get in touch with our team to discuss moving your business into the Cloud, so that you can experience the reliability, scalability, and security you need to protect your business from falling behind.

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