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We have many clients who use for cloud-based AP and AR, along with paperless invoice document management, and we have many clients who use SmartVault for paperless cloud-based document management.

[Editor’s note: Both great solutions come with native iPad, iPhone, Droid, & Blackberry apps]

Occasionally we are asked to compare the two cloud-technology providers, as if there were enough similarity between the two to select one over the other.  Actually both do certain things the other doesn’t do. Its an apples to oranges comparison, but a good one.*

*Source: The Sleeter Group

bill-com cloud paperless AP AR managementPaperless Document Management with provides a fairly robust work flow platform, it assures excellent quality control and is effective like no other AP system. One of the best innovations of is its approval protocol  which gives clients wonderful control in the process. Once a bill has been okayed by whomever needs approve it, it gets qued for payment. This is superior to the old method of entering the transaction docs first into QuickBooks, printing the checks to match the bills and then waiting for the checks to be signed manually.

When you get in the habit of scanning, emailing or faxing documents into, it makes you want to store all documents in It is possible to do this, however, there are many documents that are better placed and managed within SmartVault.

Paperless Document Management with SmartVault

SmartVault Document Cloud Management & StorageSmartVault provides a folder and file system that easily adapts to the needs of your organization. It is a permission based document management system, thus you give access to each document within the organization based on the staff member’s role with the company.

You may also set permissions for clients to see, edit, review documents related to their business.

SmartVault also has a toolbar feature where you can attach and store source documents to the record from within QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online, and its cloud drive can be mapped to the local computer allowing for seamless drag and drop functionality.

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