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Intuit Commercial Hosting and authorized Intuit QuickBooks Hosting Cloud

Intuit Commercial Hosting

For years Intuit fought with ways to enforce QuickBooks licensing in a hosted environment and in February of 2010, the Intuit Commercial Hosting program was launched with a few select hosting providers being licensed.  Today there are still fewer than a dozen Intuit Authorized  Commercial Host companies on the planet.

The Authorized Intuit Commercial Hosting program is a way for Intuit to license seasoned hosting companies in the delivery of QuickBooks applications, and enforces guidelines relating to the treatment of the customer, installation of software, and the hosting of data.

The Authorized Intuit Commercial Hosting providers for QuickBooks are the only lawful entities allowed to lease QuickBooks desktop editions.  Leasing QuickBooks licenses as part of a subscription service provides businesses and accountants with a new affordable alternative to buying QuickBooks each year, and helps offset the hosting fees. Leasing QuickBooks allows users to always be on the latest edition for a fraction of the cost that buying annual editions is.

However, Intuit Commercial Hosting does not support QuickBooks in a hosted environment, and therein lies the rub: Companies that choose to host QuickBooks are left to troubleshoot and setup by themselves with no support.

Intuit Authorized Commercial Hosts have been through an Intuit audit as well as MSP Alliance Accreditation and are seasoned professionals at hosting QuickBooks in the cloud. The technology and infrastructure is already developed and implemented for thousands of users. Authorized Intuit commercial hosting also provides a higher level of software support from Intuit and have Cloud professionals on staff. Another issue relating to QuickBooks support on desktop editions in the Cloud (not through an Authorized Commercial Host) is the end-user support for the user-owned QuickBooks license is now in violation of QuickBook’s EULA and Intuit will not support that license. So companies using unauthorized hosts risk losing their support and serviceability of purchased QuickBooks licenses.

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