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Intuit SmartVault Integration Announced

Cloudnine solution partner SmartVault is a cloud-based document management system (DMS) that works with a growing ecosystem of products, providing a single full-featured repository for yours (and your clients’) documents. The Intuit SmartVault integration provides essential DMS for both Intuit ProSeries and Intuit Lacerte tax products, supplanting Intuit’s own DMS product that has been part of…

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Cloud9 Real Time kicks off with more awards

Cloud9 Was Recognized Among Industry Leaders Cloud9 Real Time has been recognized, along with Dell, Amazon, and Rackspace, as one of THE noteworthy cloud hosting providers of 2012. The UP 2012 Awards recognize excellence in Cloud services while focusing on developments, trends, and the impact on Global Economy & Society. Cloud9 Real Time President/CEO, Robert…

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Innovation creativity reign supreme at Intuit

Cloud9 is proud to be an Intuit .“Authorized Innovator”.(and Commercial Host) Of all the hundreds of applications and software makers that Cloud9 Real Time facilitates with its array of dynamic private cloud solutions, none is more indicative of our own surprising success than Intuit. Suddenly Intuit is being acknowledged everywhere, from FORTUNE’S 100 best places to work…

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Intuit Commercial Hosting Questions … Know this:

Intuit Commercial Hosting For years Intuit fought with ways to enforce QuickBooks licensing in a hosted environment and in February of 2010, the Intuit Commercial Hosting program was launched with a few select hosting providers being licensed.  Today there are still fewer than a dozen Intuit Authorized  Commercial Host companies on the planet. The Authorized Intuit Commercial…

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