Office Server Security Still Under the Mattress?

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Office Server Security Under-the-Mattress I get asked daily about office server security and the Cloud and I welcome these questions as it is not only important for users to understand but also opens the discussion about moving to the Cloud, meaning progress for the acceptance of our technologies.

Office Server Security: Truly Secure in the Cloud?  

Recently I was speaking at a seminar and during the lunch break a gentleman said to me, “I don’t know, I just feel so much better about office server security knowing I can go in the back room of my office and see my server.” This thought and sense of security is not only misguided but it also seemed almost antiquated in today’s modern society. I responded by asking him if he still keeps his money under his mattress and he said, “Of course not” and I think he understood from there where I was going with this. While I can understand and respect the concerns of users to need to be familiar with technology and moving their data as well as their clients’ data to the Cloud, it is important for users to be open to progress and new technologies. Long past are the days when we kept our savings under the mattress and soon shall the days be that servers in the office are a thing of the past as well.

SOC2/SSAE16 Office Server Security

The physical security that moving to a SOC2/SSAE16 Type II data center provides is unmatched with any type of  office server security that a small to medium sized business owner can replicate. Our Data Center is not only manned with 24/7/365 onsite security, but we require security badges, have biometric hand scanners, a fully equipped man trap and video surveillance.

The typical accounting firm or SMB is equipped with a standard-level office server security alarm system and a server perhaps in a locked room. Too often have I heard about a server being stolen from the office, getting water or heat damage and the client wishing they had moved out of the traditional client-server infrastructure to a SOC2/SSAE16 Type II Data Center. The old adage of “seeing is believing” is just that…an old adage.


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