What If I Lose Internet Access?

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No Internet Service for my CloudWe hear this question asked more and more: if I don’t have internet access and I’m in the Cloud, I won’t have access to any of my data?

Yes, correct – but I think the bigger question is – if you were on your current system and lost internet, what would you do? You wouldn’t have email. If you are on a network server you would not have access, and any type of online services that you use now would be down. If you have VoiP phones, you wouldn’t have that either. The benefits of moving to the Cloud far outweigh the possibility of a minor negative like if you lose internet (cost savings, security, disaster recovery plan, convenience and reliability).

If you do lose your web connection – just grab your laptop or tablet and head down to Starbucks!

And if you are in an area that is at high risk of losing internet access, or you have an unstable provider – I recommend having a backup plan. We keep a cell phone in the office at all times charged in case the phones go down so we can redirect lines there. The same should be done for internet, invest in a wireless device like the Verizon Hotspot so that you can be back up in no time. It is a small price to pay for a backup plan that could save you days of lost productivity waiting on the internet company to get you back online.


Sarah Gardiner

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