Top 10 for QuickBooks Hosting

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There are a myriad of reasons to move to the Cloud and utilize QuickBooks hosting solutions. Here are our Top 10 reasons and we think David Letterman would be proud…

10.   Work Anytime, Anywhere

9.      Automatic offsite backups

8.      No more sending Accountant’s Copies back and forth

7.      Full Desktop version in a multi-user environment (not like QuickBooks Online)

6.      Disaster Recovery Plan

5.     You don’t want to go through the hassle of becoming a “self-host” with Intuit

4.     Save time and money

3.     Client, employees and Accountant can all work in the same files at the same time

2.     Instant access to real-time data

And the #1 reason to use QuickBooks Hosting….

1.      You can LEASE QuickBooks to save money and always be on the latest edition of QuickBooks!

To lease QuickBooks, the user must be a client of the hosting provider, and elect to lease the product for the intended user. Cloud9 leases QuickBooks Premier and Premier Accountant’s Edition for just $12 per month per user. This allows the user to spend only $144 each year to always be on the latest edition of QuickBooks Premier or AE in the Cloud.


Sarah Gardiner

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