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Disaster Recovery Plan

SMB Cloud Security – A Promise Always Kept

Why is SMB cloud security the single biggest hesitation for small businesses considering the move over to cloud-based solutions? Small business owners tend to look at SMB cloud security as inherently riskier because they “don’t control and manage security” concerning the servers holding their data. But if we actually review the stats, it becomes instantly obvious that most…

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Cloud Computing Technology Infographic: SMB State of Data Backup Storage & Disaster Readiness

Instead of a soft cumulus white cloud image, the cloud computing business should use a hurricane – that’s the best way to visualize how rapidly cloud computing technology is expanding today. See also: Cloud Computing Disaster Readiness – Be Prepared! Cloud Computing Technology Statistics To hear Jack Woods at Silicon Angle, there’s some sobering growth forecasted and…

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Cloud Computing Disaster Readiness – Be Prepared!

Click for survey results Cloud computing disaster readiness is better – safer – faster – cheaper – more reliable The advent of cloud computing disaster readiness has been gaining consistent velocity as businesses across the planet are moving to cloud computing to optimize their revenues, cut IT costs and initiate a more intelligent approach to…

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Cloud Computing IaaS to Surpass $72B by 2016

>>>>>>>>>>>>Click to expand Cloud computing IaaS market to grow from less than a third of the SaaS market in 2011 to nearly equal by 2016* *source: OT Blog & Forbes Pursuant to a recent Gartner study on cloud services projected for 2012-2016, cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) spending will likely surpass $72 billion, with…

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Where Is YOUR Data Stored?

Where You Store Your Data Does Matter, Have You Considered The Cloud? Image source: AIS Data storage demand is expanding at an exponential  pace.  In a recent Aberdeen Study (“How Much Of Your Data Should Be In The Public Cloud?”), companies polled indicated that typical data storage needs were rising at a rate of over 30% per year.…

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Top 10 for QuickBooks Hosting

There are a myriad of reasons to move to the Cloud and utilize QuickBooks hosting solutions. Here are our Top 10 reasons and we think David Letterman would be proud… 10.   Work Anytime, Anywhere 9.      Automatic offsite backups 8.      No more sending Accountant’s Copies back and forth 7.      Full Desktop version in a multi-user…

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