Cloud Summit 2011 and User Conference

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Cloud9 Summit 2011

(Editor note: The new Cloud Summit 2012 site is live and we have a early savings offer if you wish to make arrangements now  – Welcome to Cloud Summit 2012)

The Cloud is comprised of many different solutions and all of the providers that deliver your Cloud products are experts on their own product or service. We have comprised the leading Cloud solution providers to come together and offer current Cloud users an opportunity to learn from all in one venue at a distinct event.

The 2011 and User Conference will be in San Diego, California October 20th and 21st, 2011 at the Catamaran Resort and Spa.

This premier event will focus on Cloud technologies while giving attendees the opportunity to get in-depth user trainings on their favorite Cloud solutions.

The featured manufacturers that will be providing user trainings are:, SmartVault, Intuit, CloudSway, eFile Cabinet, and Cloud9 Real Time. In addition to the user trainings, educational courses will be conducted to provide attendees with CPE credits, information on how to implement the Cloud to their firm and clients as well as marketing courses on how to ethically and effectively utilize Social Media Marketing. This exciting event will also host nationally recognized and awarded speakers, Bill Butterworth, Eric Pulaski and Jerry Undin. 



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