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Green Cloud Computing, What Does IT Mean? – Help Plant A Billion Trees With Cloud9 In January!

‘Green cloud computing’ is a trending nomenclature reflective of huge potential environmental benefit(s) that IT services rendered via the Web can offer society. The expression conflates environ-friendly ‘green’ with ‘cloud.’ Special note: For every user added to your Cloud during the month of January, Cloud9 Real Time will make a donation to the “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative…

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Law Firm Cloud Servers? – 7 Reasons Why IT Makes Sense NOW!

Have you seen the movie documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? That’s what many think is next for the in-house server. Law firm cloud server technology has been on an uphill rise for the past 5 years and isn’t going anywhere. If your firm is not already in the cloud, it’s only a matter of time… See:…

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CPA Value Pricing and The Radical Accountant

CPA Value pricing is where the accounting profession is moving… That is, billing based on the value of the service and not the hours (and minutes) that went into performing a task. Like many firms, I adhered to an hourly billing model for years. It was the way of the profession. But times have changed. With…

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Listen to Sleeter on Cloud Talk Radio: … In the Cloud "Agility Trumps Ability"

Guest host and accounting technology uber-guru Doug Sleeter talks with CloudTalkRadio.com about the importance of agility over ability for SMBs In a recent segment on Cloud Talk Radio, hosts Keith Eneix and Robert Chandler discuss how Agility Trumps Ability when growing your business with guest Doug Sleeter of The Sleeter Group, a company that helps accountants and small businesses work together to…

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Cloud Hosted CRM Systems Infographic: How and Why this is a Game Changer

Simply put, cloud hosted CRM is becoming a game-changer – – it’s easy to see why, as the infographic below demonstrates Many companies rightly identify their customer relationship management (CRM) system as an essential business tool. And in 2014, mobile friendly cloud hosted CRM systems are projected to increase in use over five-fold.  And because certain…

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Free Webinar Thurs Sept 11th: Requests for Sage Cloud Hosting Surge, Learn Why!

“With the recent surge of practice managers and business owners selecting Sage cloud hosting of Sage 50 Accounting, and other Sage applications, as their financial accounting software of choice, Cloud9 Real Time plans on enabling more cloud computing options, including more application add-ons and additional OS options for Cloud9 clients to select from.”  – Robert…

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Cloud Computing for Small Business Critical Data & Apps

Cloud Computing for Small Business Exceeds All Expectation Cloud watcher Joe Hewitson at IBM’s Midsize Insider writes, “meaningful data is what drives modern midsize businesses. The ability to analyze and quickly process large quantities of data enables midsize organizations to make smarter business decisions.” But how does a small or mid-sized business effectively manage and…

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Webinar: Thurs 8/28 : Ditch That Old Office Server – – Empower Your Business with Private Cloud Servers

Cloud-hosted virtual private servers are challenging the innate limits of 20th century localized computers … while maintaining a familiar appearance and settings you’re comfortable with. Register for Webinar Thurs 8/28 @ 11AM-12PM PDT  – Empower Your Business with Private Cloud Servers! Keeping your business efficient, secure, and ahead of the competition is getting more complex every…

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Cloud Risk? | IDC White Paper Assessment: – Not Using Cloud Now Main Risk to Business Productivity

According to a new report (below) from a prominent market intelligence think tank, Not using Cloud is now the greatest cloud risk to business productivity “Cloud risk hype continues to mount,” reports David Bradshaw, a market researcher at International Data Corporation  (IDC), “But underneath the hype, enterprise IT really is evolving. There are essentially two categories…

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