Listen to Sleeter on Cloud Talk Radio: … In the Cloud "Agility Trumps Ability"

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Guest host and accounting technology uber-guru Doug Sleeter talks with about the importance of agility over ability for SMBs

CloudTalk Radio lrgBIn a recent segment on Cloud Talk Radio, hosts Keith Eneix and Robert Chandler discuss how Agility Trumps Ability when growing your business with guest Doug Sleeter of The Sleeter Group, a company that helps accountants and small businesses work together to increase efficiency and profit.

Listen at left as Doug Sleeter explains in the interview that by accountants and small business owners having the most efficient and up-to-date accounting tools they are able to grow their business more effectively.

Sleeter shared with Cloud Talk Radio that he was inspired to start The Sleeter Group out of a passion for small business. With a background in accounting and seeing the growth in accounting software he knew he wanted to work with small businesses to increase access to that tech.

“If you’re going to have your own business or you’re going to have an accounting business helping other businesses, you’ve got to be good at a lot of things. But if you basically focus too much on just your ability to do, let’s say, do audits or do tax or do compliance related things, and you don’t also include what I call, agility, especially into the future, your value to your client is going to be much less. So I say agility trumps ability,” guest Doug Sleeter summarizes.

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