Accountants' Website Necessities

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Custom-Website-Design for accountants

It is essential in today’s technology based world that accounting practices establish a professional presence and utilize premier websites to communicate with clients as well as prospective customers.

Some of the benefits to having a professional website are:

• Increase Visibility
• Define Vision
• Service for your Clients
• Ability to Release Time Sensitive Material
• Sell your Products/Services
• Increase Target Demographic
• Answer Frequently Asked Questions
• Banish Geographic Boundaries
• Automated Lead Generation
• Create a 24/7 Marketing Tool

Cloud9 provides custom website design services to assist the 21st Century Accountant to grow their practice and offer the latest technological advances in marketing. For more information on the Cloud9 Website Design services visit: or contact customer service at (888) 869-0076 ext. 0 for more information.

If you already have a Website, there are multiple things you can do to improve your rankings in the search engines. Here are some tips for building traffic and improving your search engine rankings:

1. Choose an easy-to-remember name, and then use that name often (on cards, e-mail, brochures, etc.). Add new content to your site at least once a month (preferably once a week!). The fresher the content, the more interesting the site appears to search engines.

2. Create partnerships and get other sites to link to you. Ensure that these partners are legitimate and if they have heavy traffic to their sites already – all the better!

3. Have somebody independent write a usable and acceptable Wikipedia article about your company. You can’t write one about yourself, but if you can get a client or partner company to post an article – this creates larger internet visibility.

4. Post videos, webinars, and multi-media to the site. These attractions cause consumers to spend more time at the site and thus increase the search engine rankings.

5. Create content that’s unique and interesting. If the search engines can find your content on multiple sites, it lowers your ranking.


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