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Accounting Firm SEO – part 1

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, for accounting firms and other professional practices, is a procedural strategy whereby a CPA firm expends some of its money and/or valuable time systematically adjusting its Internet-based content and related website factors with the goal of ranking higher in the ‘organic’ (or natural) search engine results served up by Google…

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The Importance of Accounting Practice Strategic Planning

Click for guide With another tax season well behind us, practices I have communicated with are set to move forward with the rest of 2014 and on to the next Season. The greatest issue we have seen with many of these firms is that they are coming out of the tax season without a set plan of attack for the next twelve months. When I inquire of…

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Customer Value Pricing: – Providing Greater Value & Getting Paid Equitably For It

Customer value pricing is one of the best and least utilized business financial models today, for professional services. Via this approach, customer value pricing is not only set based on the number of hours delivered plus profit markup, it’s also commensurate on the value of the service delivered to the client. Click for infographic ….See also: Taking Dead…

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Eight Key Questions To Ask – Before You Commission A New Website Design

When a new website design or redesign is being contemplated, ensuring that it’s to be built right is important to achieving +ROI But, what exactly comprises a new website design that is built “correctly?” Is it the architecture? Is it the functionality? To lay a solid foundation, here are 8 important marketing questions business owners should ask their…

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9 Really Good Reasons to Attend Cloud Summit 2012

See also – Cloud Summit 2012 Top Tier Sponsors 9 Reasons to Attend Cloud Summit 2012 on November 8-9 – Paradise Point San Diego Note: There is a free webinar on Tues, October 9th at 11am PST that will preview the Cloud Summit, Providers and what attendees can expect.   To register for preview visit: www.cloud9realtime.com/webinars. #1. Tackle…

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Top Practice Trend Initiatives to Watch and Embrace

Not your father’s CPA firm! Accounting Today just published its Top Ten Practice Initiatives that accounting firms are increasingly pursuing.   (Powers Samas Accounting Machine 1948, click to enlarge) What about YOUR practice? Are you evolving at a sufficient pace for the times? 1. Strategic Management and Corporatization CPAs want to move away from a…

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Best Accounting & CPA Firm Slogans

“Every company hopes to create an advertising tagline for their product or service that stands the test of time, but Philadelphia’s N.W. Ayer & Son was behind one that may last, well, forever. Frances Gerety, a copywriter for the now-defunct agency, coined “A Diamond is Forever” in 1948 for Johannesburg, South Africa, diamond company DeBeers,”…

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Does Your Practice Marketing Need A 'Referral Engine?'

Source: Catalyst Enterprise Solutions Most business owners and accounting practice marketing managers believe that whether clients and customers refer them is entirely out of their hands. But science shows that people can’t help recommending products and services to their friends—it’s an instinct wired deep in the brain. And smart professional practice marketing managers and other…

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Social Media Use Survey of CPA Firms

According to results of the 2011 CPA Social Media Survey, LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most popular social media used by CPAs and accountants. Source: Barry MacQuarrie –  Click for Survey Results PDF A 2011 survey,  conducted for the the second year, had the goal of determining if accounting professionals are adopting or avoiding social media.  More than 650…

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