Social Media Use Survey of CPA Firms

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CPA use of social media

According to results of the 2011 CPA Social Media Survey, LinkedIn and Facebook are the two most popular social media used by CPAs and accountants.

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CPA social media survey

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2011 survey,  conducted for the the second year, had the goal of determining if accounting professionals are adopting or avoiding social media. 

More than 650 accounting professionals participated in the survey from around the globe. Seventy-seven percent of the participants indicated that they worked for a CPA or accounting firm. We had great representation from all four generations currently in the workplace, with the majority of participants coming from the Baby Boomer generation.

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  • Lynnea | QuickBooks

    Face it, you are going to have some wasted time, information leaked, and people issues. This is nothing new. As a profession, we have done well managing phone, fax, computer, and internet use to date so let’s get onboard and actively manage social networks. This strategy will serve you and your upcoming staff very well into the future. It’s going to get more connected before we are done.

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