Best Accounting & CPA Firm Slogans

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“Every company hopes to create an advertising tagline for their product or service that stands the test of time, but Philadelphia’s N.W. Ayer & Son was behind one that may last, well, forever. Frances Gerety, a copywriter for the now-defunct agency, coined “A Diamond is Forever” in 1948 for Johannesburg, South Africa, diamond company DeBeers,Forbes. ¬†Here are favorite CPA firm slogans, as selected by Accounting Today – (click image for gallery)

Accounting and CPA Firm slogans and taglines

The P-word gets alliterative at BlumShapiro, but without losing its business edge. Staff may have impassioned words about their work, but they still measure them in percentages. You want that in an accountant. CLICK FOR MORE


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