Outlook Email Exchange Hosting Benefits

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email exchange hosting with Exchange 2010 The benefits and advantages of using MS Outlook Email Exchange are clear for businesses; The question then becomes is it better to purchase the Microsoft Mail Exchange Server and maintain it locally (ie, in your office) or outsource to an email exchange hosting cloud provider?

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With the influx of smartphones and the desire to work remotely via the cloud, cloud hosted email exchange hosting plans have become increasingly popular. Here’s why:

Outsource Your Outlook Email Exchange Hosting CloudOutsourcing the company Outlook mail exchange hosting  allows low upfront costs and will make the most sense for small to medium sized businesses. Cloud hosted email Exchange services include license management, installation, maintenance, backups and upgrades, operation, and all other tedious tasks that come with application hosting. This helps alleviate the pressure and IT tasks – allowing businesses to concentrate on their business while lowering IT costs.

Microsoft Exchange Server cloud hosting from Cloud9 provides a stabilized company messaging background that has Outlook e-mails, centralized storage and Calendar. Exchange email cloud hosting is just an outsourced solution of Exchange server implementation, with pre-configured features such as outlook, outlook web access, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, as well as mobile phone syncing.

Outlook Web Email Exchange Hosting for Smart DevicesOne of the best features of email exchange hosting is that it offers secure email and Outlook access. The anti-virus and anti-spam features are the most beneficial qualities of Exchange Server hosting while offering the option to receive mail via Smart Phones. The simple benefit of reducing SPAM through the Intelligent Message Filtering to eliminate spam prior to your mailbox getting cluttered is worth the switch. Every e-mail that passes through Exchange Server 2010 hosting is encrypted offering a higher level of security for businesses.

Cloud9 email exchange hosting offers the following benefits without the overhead of an Exchange Server In-House:

  • Calendar
  • Outlook 2010
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • 25GB of Storage
  • Online access through Web Browsers
  • Unlimited mailboxes per user
  • SAS70 Type II Data Center
  • Cisco Servers and Routers
  • Microsoft Mail Exchange 2010 Server
  • Automatic Offsite Backup
  • Premium SPAM filtration
  • FREE Migration
  • iPhone, iPad, Droid, Android, Smart Phone Integration
  • FREE Tech Support

For more information on getting your Virtual Server solution with email exchange hosting established, contact the Cloud9 Sales Team at (888) 869-0076 or sales@cloud9realtime.com


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