Hosted QuickBooks: Understand Your Service Options First

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Hosted QuickBooks for the Modern World of Business

award winning cloud9 hosted quickbooks software hosting21st century technology is altering the way businesses and their CPAs do accounting. The agencies that stay on the cutting edge of this trend will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced IT costs and greater flexibility. However, embracing this technology also can mean considering new business models.

Hosted QuickBooks is a simple concept

A case in point: The way hosted QuickBooks works is easy to grasp. Instead of paying a licensing fee to have software installed on your local desktop or office server, you pay a monthly service fee for a hosted QuickBooks provider to host the application remotely. You then access the hosted QuickBooks from any computer, and because your data is now as well hosted on the provider’s remote servers, anyone who uses the hosted QuickBooks system sees the data in real time.

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Who are the qualified hosted QuickBooks providers?

Jennifer Katrulya CPA

Jennifer Katrulya CPA

Intuit itself does not provide a hosted QuickBooks service, you must locate a qualified 3rd-party provider (like Cloud9). While there are many “Cloud” providers who offer a hosted QuickBooks service, they are not all created equal. Intuit does authorize third parties, however, so look for an Intuit Authorized Commercial Host, if and when you elect to move to hosted QuickBooks.

Other factors to consider include:

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  • Third-party applications: If you currently use these with QuickBooks, be sure to select a hosted QuickBooks provider that also supports the applications.
  • Local data backup: All (intuit Authorized) hosted QuickBooks providers will back up your data on a regular basis, but if you want the option to do this on-site yourself, make sure it is offered.
  • Other compatibility issues: Find out if there are other potential compatibility issues with programs like Microsoft Office, your email system or any other programs you use in conjunction with hosted QuickBooks.
  • Hosted QuickBooks is just one of the many cloud-based accounting services that firms can use to improve work flow and optimize client services. Get peer referrals to help you narrow the field.

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