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Intuit Licensed Commercial Host

Hosted QuickBooks: Understand Your Service Options First

Hosted QuickBooks for the Modern World of Business 21st century technology is altering the way businesses and their CPAs do accounting. The agencies that stay on the cutting edge of this trend will benefit from improved efficiency, reduced IT costs and greater flexibility. However, embracing this technology also can mean considering new business models. Hosted QuickBooks is…

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Sponsors Announced for Cloud Summit 2012

Invite-Only Sponsorships Draw Top-Tier Vendors to Exclusive November 2012 Cloud Technology Summit           Go to – Cloud Summit 2012 Website Cloud Summit 2012 is THE exclusive conference for business owners, and Accounting Professionals to discover the latest technological advances in virtual solutions. Leading technology providers including Intuit, Cloud9 Real Time, CloudSway, SpringAhead,, SmartVault, Office…

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QuickBooks Leasing Advantages

QuickBooks Leasing has big advantages. The Authorized Commercial Hosts for QuickBooks are the only lawful entities allowed to provide QuickBooks Leasing desktop editions.  Leasing QuickBooks licenses as part of a subscription service provides businesses and accountants with a new affordable alternative to buying QuickBooks each year, and helps offset the hosting fees. QuickBooks Leasing allows…

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