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Cloud Computing For Accountants White Paper

Accounting Cloud Service and Cloud Computing Accountants White Paper from Cloud9Accounting Professionals are bombarded in literature, emails, conferences and by consultants to move to Sage and/or QuickBooks cloud computing for accountants. They think they know what it means and they know there are some benefits to the technology, but have a hard time grasping exactly how it can benefit their firm, and more importantly – their clients. In an attempt to gain a competitive advantage over their competition, they want to stay ahead of the game, offer the latest in services, technology and security while minimizing costs during a global economic downturn.* (The answer of course is Cloud Computing For Accountants)

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This conundrum has led to many questions that will be addressed here, but first lets answer the most important question: What is Cloud Computing For Accountants?

What is Cloud Computing for Accountants?

Firstly, Cloud is used as a metaphor for the internet, when you combine the “Cloud” with Computing, you get a virtualized IT infrastructure that is hosting your services and software online. One of the great benefits of Cloud Computing for Accountants is that users don’t need the knowledge of, expertise in, or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. IT is being transformed to a utility based service rather than a traditional client-server infrastructure. Cloud Computing for Accountants provides users with a highly scalable solution with resources and security that could not be replicated by a small to medium sized business owner. Providing common business applications online that are accessed via the Internet while the software and data are stored on servers at a remote data center, Cloud Computing for Accountants has caused a shift in IT to be on demand.

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