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White Paper: How Cloud Based ERP Drives Efficiency

Click for ERP Report Prior to the Cloud, enterprise resource planning  (ERP) was a promise that was never delivered on to all but the biggest companies. The advantages oft trumpeted by ERP consultants and application makers, including the mapping and connecting of all staff, projects, finances and locations in the business, were mostly out of reach…

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Cloud Risk? | IDC White Paper Assessment: – Not Using Cloud Now Main Risk to Business Productivity

According to a new report (below) from a prominent market intelligence think tank, Not using Cloud is now the greatest cloud risk to business productivity “Cloud risk hype continues to mount,” reports David Bradshaw, a market researcher at International Data Corporation  (IDC), “But underneath the hype, enterprise IT really is evolving. There are essentially two categories…

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White Paper: 21st Century Accounting Firm Strategies

Cloud Strategies for Accounting Firms “Smaller firms comprise the majority of our nation’s tax and accounting providers, and while they may never have the revenues or amount of staff common to larger firms, I believe these firms will command more trust and respect from their clients when they fully embrace and implement these cloud technologies” These and…

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Private Server Cloud Computing Accountants

Cloud Computing For Accountants White Paper Accounting Professionals are bombarded in literature, emails, conferences and by consultants to move to Sage and/or QuickBooks cloud computing for accountants. They think they know what it means and they know there are some benefits to the technology, but have a hard time grasping exactly how it can benefit their firm,…

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