Radical IT: Managed Services & Your Server in the Cloud

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What is a ‘Virtual Server’ w/ Managed Services?’

Managed Services allow you to shift the focus from IT to your business. With Cloud Computing you no longer have to manage a local server or backups. You can work collaboratively 24×7 Anywhere!

CLICK TO REGISTER: 11AM-12PM PST /  Thurs October 4th

Learn how you can transform your business to be more productive and efficient.

#1 managed Service Cloud Provider

Do you need a server or are tired of having to maintain a server in your office? Are you an Accountant, Lawyer, Small Business Owner, Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer, CPA or other services professional?  Do you have multiple applications that you need access to and don’t want multiple ways of accessing?

Do you have clients that need to access as well?

This webinar is on the Cloud9 Virtual Server and Radical IT Managed Services solution. Learn how you can outsource your server and IT.

Stop the chaos and streamline your practice!

CLICK TO REGISTER: 11AM-12PM PST /  Thurs October 4th

Virtual Servers are the wave of the future and are a value savings alternative to traditional office servers. Virtual servers allow you real time access anytime, anywhere – and you can even private label your office portal for clients to login to their files!

Register now, discover what all the hubbub is about and why Cloud9 Real Time was voted #1 cloud host by a majority of accountants in the most recent Annual Readers’ Choice of CPA Practice Advisor.


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