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iPad quickbooks hosting access for ipad and ipad mini

Access Cloud9 with iPad

The iPad was a phenomenon overnight. It has spurred a tablet craze that rendered your local Best Buy sold out for months and every employee vying to get one. The question then becomes, is it really a useful tool for my practice or a “toy” that could lead to distractions? How about “iPad QuickBooks Hosting?”

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iPad quickbooks hosting access is hereI can attest that when traveling my productivity has more than tripled due to the iPad. Not only does it save me time and money by not having to power up the laptop every time I want to get on my email or Skype but it also saves my battery life on the laptop for more intensive projects. Additionally, I find that while I may use the iPad for Internet browsing or the occasional movie on a plane, at least 75% of the usage is work related, like QuickBooks accounting via iPad QuickBooks Hosting access.

Benefits of iPad QuickBooks Hosting & Cloud Access:

• It’s the perfect “in between” – I find that the iPad is the perfect size, its smaller than the notebook but larger than my iPhone – I can still fit it in my purse but its so light that its not a nuisance to carry around.

• Email & Calendar – I have constant access to my email and calendar. Having these two things at my fingertips to schedule meetings and be able to open attachments on a full size screen versus a phone is priceless for me when travelling.

• Speed – I elected to get the 3G data plan so I don’t have to connect to wireless to be online, the convenience of always be connected and the speed are impressive!

• Portability – I take my iPad everywhere, it allows me to be out of the office without really being away.

• Cloud Computing – Having my applications hosted in the Cloud allows me to connect to the server and be in all my apps on my iPad in the full desktop version.

• Enhanced Communication – Not only does the iPad allow me to have my email everywhere, I can take my Skype with me, download the Go To Meeting app for scheduled conference calls and use Face-time with my crew back at the office if needed.

• Apps – There is an app for everything these days and many are available very cheap and add to my portable office’s productivity.

• Autosave – The new iPad has auto-save so I don’t have to worry about lost files.

• Simple – I am not a Mac user but I love the iPad because it is so simple to use, my niece is 4 and even she has the thing mastered.

• Anytime, Anywhere – Finally and most importantly, there are no restrictions as to when and where I have to be when using the iPad cloud computing and iPad QuickBooks Hosting Access



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