How Business Application Hosting Minimizes Headaches

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Business application hosting alleviates software and IT headaches!

In recent years, cloud-hosted virtual server solutions and services have accelerated in popularity, for good reason, and many or most SMBs and financial firms are at least investigating this new paradigm for financial, business and IT management.

cloud summit explains business application hostingBusiness application hosting provides that your company’s business software applications and data are kept online in high-security data-centers rather than installed locally on your laptop or office server computer. Cloud-based application hosting from Cloud9 Real Time provides a range of advantages that your business can realize near instantly.

Reduced Business Application Maintenance

Application maintenance responsibilities, including security patches, the testing and deployment of which are handled by Cloud9 Real Time, is a fundamental business application hosting advantage.

Cloud9 virtual server and business software hosting solutions enable you to leverage, integrate, customize and deploy business applications as your business requires, and are fully supported by industry-recognized security and disaster recovery standards; delivering great flexibility, amelioration of risk, capital savings and rapid access to your office data and software.

From Jenifer Katrulya CPA / Business Management Resource Group

You aren’t required to spend any time or resources on application maintenance, which saves hours and IT costs, and helps prevent downtime.

Furthermore, if something within the application goes wrong, you aren’t responsible for fixing the problem yourself or hiring an outside company to attempt to resolve it. As the application’s virtual host, Cloud9 Real Time is responsible for system integrity, and it works to get the application up and running again as soon as possible.

Flexible Accessibility

With desktop applications, you need to purchase a software license for every computer that needs access to it. Business application hosting solutions are subscription-based, and you can access your programs and files from any supported device, anywhere in the world, that has an internet connection.

Cloud9 Real Time recently introduced C9 Mobile, which provides access to hundreds of hosted applications on an iPad or iPad Mini.

Additional Business Application Hosting Advantages

Cloud9 provides brilliantly simple, highly secure, friction-less business application hosting for a wide variety of popular business software applications. All data and functionality of the software is protected using enterprise-class servers in a bank-level security environment.

Again, Katrulya –

Purchasing a hard copy of a software application that does not make use of the Internet leaves you stuck when there’s an upgrade. Cloud-based business application hosting solves this problem. Cloud9 Real Time handles all upgrades, and your applications automatically install updates as they become available.

Cloud hosting is likely to enjoy even greater acceptance in the coming years, so application developers are creating solutions that will run in the cloud — and integrate with related applications. It’s an exciting time in the accounting industry as the technology evolves.

Jennifer L. Katrulya is the president of Business Management Resource Group, LLC (BMRG), an accounting consultancy and mentoring firm that provides services to accounting firms and SMBs. Since its inception in 2004, BMRG has delivered services to 100s of CPA practices and client companies.


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