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The Benefits Of DaaS

DaaS: Why Put Your Desktop In The Cloud? DaaS, also known as Desktop-as-a-Service, simply puts your desktop in the Cloud. Once you become more familiar with the concept of DaaS, you will begin to understand the benefits of putting DaaS in the Cloud. This gives companies the ability to access data and apps from anywhere…

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7 Ways Construction in the Cloud Can Help Your Company

Average construction companies tend to be not up to date with the latest and greatest forms of technology. If this sounds familiar to your company, maybe it’s time to take a gander at construction in the Cloud. Previously, Cloud technology has been perceived as a service for the elite, those big corporations and large businesses…

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Ensuring SMB Growth With Cloud Computing

Small and medium business owners are aware that the best possible course of ensuring survival in the market is through constant growth and development. Cloud-computing services can easily provide the ideal environment for rapid SMB growth. Why? There are two main reasons: On one side, cloud computing allows SMB owners to avoid increased costs, which are…

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SMB Cloud Success Underscored by New Trends Study

A new study from Techaisle shows SMB cloud success is growing for small and medium size businesses, and it’s just the beginning as cloud computing adoption rates continue rising. SMB Cloud Success Underscored SMB cloud success is underscored by 80% of SMBs in North America now indicating that cloud computing adds to continued business growth,…

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Small Business Cloud Migration (part 1): – You Should Really Look Before You Leap

Emerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to help small businesses prosper are appearing at an unprecedented rate Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that there were 30 million (approx) small businesses in North America. Clearly, SMBs are the foundation of our economy, and we’ve seen emerging cloud based technologies and services uniquely designed to help them…

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Small Manufacturer Cloud Computing, it’s a Revolution!

The small manufacturing sector is undergoing a rapid and profound transition – to small manufacturer cloud computing.  Many small manufacturers are realizing productivity increases through cloud computing-based, mobile-enabled application solutions that heretofore only the largest manufacturers have utilized to manage their operations with great precision. Small manufacturers are increasingly turning to a panoply of emerging…

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