Ensuring SMB Growth With Cloud Computing

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how the prospect for smb growth is enhanced by cloud computingSmall and medium business owners are aware that the best possible course of ensuring survival in the market is through constant growth and development. Cloud-computing services can easily provide the ideal environment for rapid SMB growth.

Why? There are two main reasons: On one side, cloud computing allows SMB owners to avoid increased costs, which are often associated with business growth. On the other side of it, cloud computing can help SMBs to stand apart from competitors.

According to the findings of INC it has become obvious that quick responsiveness and adaptation are key factors for SMB growth. SMB owners who have embraced the cloud technologies without hesitation report a 13% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Those SMBs who haven’t applied cloud computing can only expect 3% CAGR.

What’s the catch with the 10% difference that SMB Growth can’t ignore?

Cloud-computing can provide a strong wind under the wings of SMB growth, because it improves competitiveness for an affordable price. The great thing about the cloud-computing is that SMBs only pay for the services they actually use.

Here’s an example with cloud-computing where SMBs use only what they need and pay only for what they use. Instead of paying for expensive CRM software, with the cloud you pay only for an effective use or the FAM (Field Activity Management) software. Cloud-computing saves both time and money, both being essential for SMB growth.

Additionally, according to the findings of Forbes Insights, cloud-based solutions create a win-win situation for the SMBs through improved efficiency and mobility.

Accordingly, Nancy Chen MBA, at Business2Community states: “For field-based industries, cloud services provide a wide variety of benefits. FAM software is the best method of using cloud services- it is easy to integrate into your company. In addition, it eliminates almost all paper costs, because reps no longer need to fill out any paper forms. Everything is stored in the cloud, saving businesses printing and storage costs. This money, like previously stated, can now be reallocated to other functions that will help SMB growth. FAM software also reduces the administrative tasks required by both field reps and managers. This is important because now reps can concentrate on visiting clients and other core activities, and managers can focus on the more pressing matters at hand. The time saved from this will help businesses become more efficient, which is a major step to growth.”

The increased popularity of the cloud computing services, motivates the SMB to include them as an inseparable part of their regular business activities. Failure to comply in this field can have serious consequences, such as not being able to compete successfully or ensure their SMB growth. SMBs are a perfect match for the cloud technologies that once were available only to the largest companies.

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