The Benefits Of DaaS

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Why Put Your Desktop In The Cloud?

DaaS, also known as Desktop-as-a-Service, simply puts your desktop in the Cloud. Once you become more familiar with the concept of DaaS, you will begin to understand the benefits of putting DaaS in the Cloud. This gives companies the ability to access data and apps from anywhere at any time via an internet connection. Not keeping important, confidential information at the office allows businesses to have a flexible and mobile work environment.

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DaaS is subscription based, therefore, it allows scalability. This means that when your company expands, the Cloud expands with you, making it easier for companies to manage their budget. Also, DaaS requires no up-front installation fee, since all data and information is kept in the Cloud.


When running a successful business, communication is key. What goes hand in hand with communication? Collaboration. Whether you are in the office, out in the field or at home, DaaS gives you the ability to connect from afar. Some companies have employees working remotely, therefore mobility is essential for companies to prosper.

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Cost Efficient

Another benefit of putting DaaS in the Cloud for your business, is the fact that the Cloud is cost efficient. Since DaaS reduces capital expenditure costs and reduces costs spent on hardware, businesses can save money annually while at the same time keeping up to date with the latest and greatest forms of technology.


It’s important to have your data and information in a safe and secure place, that’s where the disaster recovery plan comes into handy. By having your DaaS in the Cloud, the disaster recovery plan can protect precious data from natural disasters, accidents, theft or even hackers. The Cloud provides consistent and redundant back-ups so you can rest assured that any data or information whether it’s confidential or not, will be in a safe place.

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DaaS is popular among professional environments allowing companies to have the ability to be flexible within a working place. The ability to work from anywhere at any time allows employees to have a more collaborative approach at how they do business. There’s really no excuse for companies to not make the move to DaaS, if you haven’t yet, you’re missing out.

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