MSP Alliance: Just How Secure Is Your Cloud?

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MSP Alliance Managed Services Provider Certification for Cloud Real TimeHow Do You Know Your Managed Services Provider Cloud Computing Services Company is Secure?

Did you know that there is more regulation, continuing education and oversight for someone giving tattoos than for a company providing critical cloud computing services for your accounting, law, or other small business?  Cloud computing is completely self-regulated which means that it’s up to the individual managed services provider to determine what standards to meet (if at all) and what certification or accreditation to obtain. This lack of overseen credential is why Cloud9 Real Time chose to obtain Accredited MSP Alliance status.

The MSP Alliance of Cloud Computing Companies

The MSP Alliance is the independent oversight organization that performs  full audits of things like security, customer service and company financials so that your business can enjoy  the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have selected a cloud computing managed service provider that is secure, reliable and financially viable.

Arguing for a ‘universal standard’ Charles Weaver, managing director of the MSP Alliance, recently penned an article for the Wall Street Journal CIO section that harps on these key issues and why fundamental accreditations for cloud computing and hosting managed service providers, like Cloud9, are so crucial:

With the adoption of cloud computing accelerating, there is now an urgent need for a globally accepted, universal standard and code of behavior for service providers delivering these solutions.

Today, the cloud is unregulated. It actually takes more licensing, oversight and continuing education to cut and style hair than it does to manage data in the cloud.

According to Ed Ferrara, principal security analyst with Forrester Research, “understanding the cloud provider’s underlying capabilities, resources, security processes and safeguards, as well as the provider’s overall financial health will be very important for organizations who want to safely and successfully utilize cloud computing.”

Cloud9 early-on obtained certified accreditation under the MSP Alliance Managed Services Accreditation Program. The ‘MSAP’ is the first only system of its kind, specifically intended and planned to provide customers of managed services providers with the critical assurances that the managed services provider they hire meets or exceeds the highest principles of quality in areas such as financial stability, facilities, managed services provider practices, and customer satisfaction.

In addition to being accredited by the MSP Alliance, Cloud9 Real Time also went through  the demanding processes of becoming both  a Sage and an Intuit Authorized Commercial host.

“There is no arguing the myriad advantages of cloud computing. However, until the world adopts a uniform standard, you need to ask the right questions to protect your organization’s data and reputation,” adds Weaver


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